2 Stunts in CS:GO from Beercules and Krop

We got two freaking amazing videos from CS:GO last night. It was a late night — we finished at 4 AM — but we pulled off a few stunts, two of which were captured and documented here!

Background: we play competitive Counterstrike Global Offensive. This PC game is a 5 on 5 first-person shooter. And 5 of us are on a team and voice chatting on Discord.

Note: We’re medium competitive. The competitive game mode weeds out AFKs (away from keyboards — people who aren’t playing) and generally people who don’t take it seriously. SO, despite it being competitive, we are still goofing off — as you’ll see.

The first spectacularity is of Matty Ice (Beercules) stranded in a 1v5 situation at the Cache . Overall, he plows through all 5 of them and defuses the bomb — humming all the while. Let’s break it down.

Kills 1,2. He gets confronted with one guy, when another guy walks into the line of fire, making for a nice double kill with an SMG. Tim is right to tell him to “chill the fuck out”. That was nasty. But it gets nastier.

Diversion. Matty Ice hops up into the vent and pops it open. He then goes back around through mid to B — using the vent as a diversion. You know he’s chillin because he’s humming.

Kill 3. He walks, turns the corner, and kills with a crouch. And continues humming :) Drops the SMG for the M4.

Kills 4,5. He moves forward and pops the guy on the sign above Checkers. I rarely see anyone there, so that was quick reactions on Matt’s part. He then checks the score to see how many are left — just as the last guy pops into view from Heaven. Matt pops him in the head and then diffuses.

At the end, I think we are all still processing what had just happened.

The second streak was later that night at Dust 2. The opening “I ain’t got no nades” cracks me up. And Barbudo is pissed about some 2-fire — and I don’t know what that means! Regardless, Matt goes down, then Tim comes in with an AWP and crushes it. I love the reactions when Tim gets the first two kills: saying his name with concern and cheer: Tiiiim. It’s like saying “what the heck was that!” in the best way.

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